Thursday, May 2, 2019

Python 3.7.3 and Django CMS.

From official
django CMS was originally conceived by web developers frustrated with the technical and security limitations of other systems. Its lightweight core makes it easy to integrate with other software and put to use immediately, while its ease of use makes it the go-to choice for content managers, content editors and website admins.
The tells us:
Django-CRM provides a dashboard where you can manage customers at sales of the organization. It Provides to manage leads information and its activity, track issues from leads, contacts to send emails.
Modules used:

Python >= 2.6 (or Python 3.4)
Django = 1.9.6
JQuery >= 1.7

Let's start with these commands:
C:\Python373\Scripts>pip install --upgrade virtualenv
Collecting virtualenv
     |████████████████████████████████| 2.0MB 939kB/s
Installing collected packages: virtualenv
Successfully installed virtualenv-16.5.0

C:\Python373\Scripts>cd ..

C:\Python373>virtualenv env
Using base prefix 'c:\\python373'
New python executable in C:\Python373\env\Scripts\python.exe
Installing setuptools, pip, wheel...


(env) C:\Python373>pip install djangocms-installer

(env) C:\Python373>djangocms mysite
  Applying djangocms_video.0005_migrate_to_filer... OK
  Applying djangocms_video.0006_field_adaptions... OK
  Applying djangocms_video.0007_create_nested_plugin... OK
  Applying djangocms_video.0008_reset_null_values... OK
  Applying djangocms_video.0009_removed_null_values... OK
  Applying djangocms_video.0010_videoplayer_parameters... OK
  Applying easy_thumbnails.0001_initial... OK
  Applying easy_thumbnails.0002_thumbnaildimensions... OK
  Applying filer.0008_auto_20171117_1313... OK
  Applying filer.0009_auto_20171220_1635... OK
  Applying filer.0010_auto_20180414_2058... OK
  Applying filer.0011_auto_20190418_0137... OK
  Applying menus.0001_initial... OK
  Applying sessions.0001_initial... OK
  Applying sites.0002_alter_domain_unique... OK
Creating admin user
All done!
Get into "C:\Python373\mysite" directory and type "python runserver" 
to start your project

(env) C:\Python373>cd mysite

(env) C:\Python373\mysite>python runserver
The result is this:

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