Saturday, January 30, 2010

How to resize images .

Sometimes it is necessary to resize the images. The PIL module is used for image processing.The glob module takes a wildcard and returns the full path of all files and directories matching the wildcard.
Here are two scripts that I made.
The first is a simple example using a resize after some dimensions.
In this case we used size 300x300.

from PIL import Image
import glob, os
size_file = 300,300
for f in glob.glob("*.png"):
file, ext = os.path.splitext(f)
img =
img.thumbnail(size_file, Image.ANTIALIAS)"thumb_" + file, "JPEG")

In the second case I tried to do a resize with proportion preservation.

import glob
import PIL
from PIL import Image
for f in glob.glob("*.jpg"):
img =
img = img.resize((100,dim_size),PIL.Image.ANTIALIAS)
if f[0:2] != "trumb_":"thumb_" + f, "JPEG")

In both cases we use a renaming of files by adding the name of "thumb_".
Ambele scripturi pot fi modificate asa cum vreti.
Aceste scripturi demonstreaza cum sa folosim celor doua module "PIL" si "globe".