Saturday, October 1, 2011

Show photo albums and storage with python and gdata module

The example i show today has tow parts.
First I use module getpass and i connect to google user account.
Next I use gdata functions to print user albums and spending storage.
You can also use the gdata module to add comments, rotate photos, add photos ...
The code source is show bellow:
import getpass
pws =
username=raw_input("username - ")
password= getpass.getpass("password - ")

pws.ClientLogin(username, password)

#get all albums from account
userfeed_albums = pws.GetUserFeed(kind='album')

#print albums
print "User %s has these albums: %s" % (userfeed_albums.user.text,
[a.title.text for a in userfeed_albums.entry])

#print storage
print "%s is spending %s-Mb on storage" % \
(userfeed_albums.nickname.text, int(userfeed_albums.quotacurrent.text)/1024/1024)