Thursday, April 21, 2011

Python and Merlin , using win32com module.

I remembered my days when I played with visual script.
Later I discovered python on linux and I realized that it's as good if not better.
Then I made ​​a script that display the character Merlin said something.
Today I'll try the same thing with python.
First you have to install python module called win32com.
For this we use installer from here.
It automatically installs python 2.6 folder, see picture below...
To begin to build script.
For this we need to read the MSDN documentation least, see here.
The first step required is to import module module ...
import win32com
from win32com import client
from win32com.client import constants
Access file .acs and declare a variable named vrajitor to use it.
agent = win32com.client.Dispatch("Agent.Control.2")
agent.Connected = -1
agent.Characters.Load("Merlin", "Merlin.acs")
vrajitor= agent.Characters("Merlin")
Now we can use its methods for animation and not only ...
vrajitor .LanguageID = 0x409
vrajitor .Show()
vrajitor .Play("Announce")
vrajitor .Speak("I like to use Python programming language!")
vrajitor .Speak("... and I'm really good. See!?")
vrajitor .Play("Congratulate")
print "Type some commands! (max 99 comands)"
print "Congratulate, Acknowledge, Blink, Confused, Decline, Explain"
for i in range(100):
 print cmd
 vrajitor .Play(cmd)
Here's the result ...

merlin python from Catalin Festila on Vimeo.