Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Detect nudity with nudepy python module.

Today I tested another python module named nudepy.
You can find it here.
This python module is a port of nude.js to Python.
Let's start the tutorial with the installation:
C:\Python364\Scripts>cd ..

C:\Python364>cd Scripts

C:\Python364\Scripts>pip install nudepy
Requirement already satisfied: nudepy in c:\python364\lib\site-packages (0.4)
Requirement already satisfied: pillow in c:\python364\lib\site-packages (from nu
depy) (5.3.0)
To test this python module, I used four images with the idea of a nude image
This image is the result of all images of the test.

This image files are named:
  • test_nude_001.jpg
  • test_nude_002.jpg
  • test_nude_003.jpg
  • test_nude_004.jpg
Let's see the script:
# for select jpeg files
import os, fnmatch
# import nude python module
import nude
from nude import Nude
nude_jpegs=fnmatch.filter(os.listdir('.'), '*nude*.jpg')
for found_file in nude_jpegs:
    print (found_file)
    print("Nude file: ",nude.is_nude(str(found_file)))
    n = Nude(str(found_file))
    print("and test result: ", n.result, n.inspect())
The result of the output script is this:
C:\Python364>python.exe test_nude.py
['test_nude_001.jpg', 'test_nude_002.jpg', 'test_nude_003.jpg', 'test_nude_004.j
Nude file:  False
and test result:  False #
Nude file:  False
and test result:  False #
Nude file:  False
and test result:  False #
Nude file:  True
and test result:  True #

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Ralf Gommers said...

Did you realize that you just posted imagery to Planet Python that may be offensive? This is really not okay. Please remove your whole post, or at the very least the image, asap.

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