Sunday, June 21, 2009

PyGTK 2.15.2 - unstable

As you know, PyGTK is a set of Python wrappers.
Now PyGTK easily create programs with a graphical user interface using the Python programming language.
The new PyGTK version 2.15.2 and is on PyGTK 2.15.2 source.
"What's new since 2.15.0?
- (Add HSV support to gtk.gdk.Color objects)
- Add floating-point support to gtk.gdk.Color (Paul)
- Retire hand-written ChangeLog; autocreate from Git history (Paul)
- Fix conditional in docs/ (Frederic Peters)
- Document that gtk.gdk.GC coordinates are not related to allocation (Paul)
- Make pygtk_boxed_unref_shared() also handle Py_None (Paul)
- Make gtk.MenuItem.set_submenu accept None (Paul)
- Don't run '' if documentation is not built (Björn Lindqvist)
- Apply libtool 2.2 compatibility patch (Gian)
- Plug reference leak on main signal watch source (Paul)
- Add extra warning against accidental misuse of tree model columns (Paul)
- Wrap gtk.Border attributes and constructor (Mariano Suárez-Alvarez)
- Make gtk.gdk.Event.time accept 'long' in assignments (Paul)
- Wrap gtk.RcStyle attributes (Paul)

PyGTK requires GTK+ >= 2.8.0 and Python >= 2.3.5 to build."

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