Wednesday, April 20, 2016

News: New PyPy 5.1 released.

New features and bug fixes come with new PyPy 5.1 version.
The PyPy is a very compliant Python interpreter and supports x86 machines on most common operating systems.
Now we have full support for the IBM s390x and good optimizations.
Take a look here.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Free ebook from O'Reilly - Functional Programming in Python.

You can download your free ebook from O'Reilly.
The Functional Programming in Python by David Mertz - publisher: O'Reilly - released: June 2015.
David Mertz is a director of the Python Software Foundation, and chair of its Trademarks and Outreach & Education Committees. He wrote the columns Charming Python and XML Matters for IBM developerWorks and the Addison-Wesley book Text Processing in Python. David has spoken at multiple OSCON and PyCon events.
This is the download link.