Saturday, July 22, 2017

About py-translate python module.

This python module is used for translating text in the terminal.
You can read and see examples with this API on this web page.

  • Fast! Translate an entire book in less than 5 seconds.
  • Made for Python 3 but still works on Python 2
  • Fast and easy to install, easy to use
  • Supports translation from any language
  • Highly composable interface, the power of Unix pipes and filters.
  • Simple API and documentation

C:\>cd Python27

C:\Python27>cd Scripts

C:\Python27\Scripts>pip install py-translate
Collecting py-translate
  Downloading py_translate-1.0.3-py2.py3-none-any.whl (61kB)
    100% |################################| 61kB 376kB/s
Installing collected packages: py-translate
Successfully installed py-translate-1.0.3

Let's test it with a simple example:
>>> import translate
>>> dir(translate)
['TestLanguages', 'TestTranslator', '__author__', '__build__', '__builtins__', '__copyright__', '__doc__', '__file__', '__license__', '__name__', '__package__', '__path__', '__title__', '__version__', 'accumulator', 'coroutine', 'coroutines', 'languages', 'print_table', 'push_url', 'set_task', 'source', 'spool', 'tests', 'translation_table', 'translator', 'write_stream']
>>> from translate import translator
>>> translator('ro', 'en', 'Consider ca dezvoltarea personala este un pas important')
[[[u'I think personal development is an important step', u'Consider ca dezvoltarea personala este un pas important', None, None, 0]], None, u'ro']

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

PyCharm an integrated development environment.

The development team come with this integrated development environment (I.D.E.) named: PyCharm.
They tell us about this integrated development environment:
Python IDE with complete set of tools for productive development with Python programming language. In addition, the IDE provides high-class capabilities for professional Web development with Django framework and Google App Engine. It has powerful coding assistance, navigation, a lot of refactoring features, tight integration with various Version Control Systems, Unit testing, powerful all-singing all-dancing Debugger and entire customization. PyCharm is developer driven IDE. It was developed with the aim of providing you almost everything you need for your comfortable and productive development!
I usually use it and from my point of view it is very quick to learn and use.
Also some features like Servers come is supported in the Professional edition only.
The menu is easy to remember and the project settings come automatically.
You can start from main menu: File - New Project ....
A little more complicated element is putting new scripts into the project File - New .
The python file can be added and type of python version can by editing the configuration menu : Run - Edit Configurations ....
The editor come with unindent and convert fro tabs and spaces.
This I.D.E. come with common version control operations integrations, like:
  • CVS Reference
  • Git Reference
  • Mercurial Reference
  • Perforce Reference
  • Subversion Reference
Also, some official tutorials can also be found on the official website.
You can read more about this software here.

The JetBrainsTV is the official youtube channel of this I.D.E.