Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The ebooklib python module .

Happy new year 2018 !
The official webpage of this python module come with this intro:
EbookLib is a Python library for managing EPUB2/EPUB3 and Kindle files. It's capable of reading and writing EPUB files programmatically (Kindle support is under development).
First the installation of this python module named ebooklib.
C:\>cd Python27

C:\Python27>cd Script
The system cannot find the path specified.

C:\Python27>cd Scripts

C:\Python27\Scripts>pip install ebooklib
Collecting ebooklib
  Downloading EbookLib-0.16.tar.gz
Requirement already satisfied: lxml in c:\python27\lib\site-packages (from ebooklib)
Requirement already satisfied: six in c:\python27\lib\site-packages (from ebooklib)
Installing collected packages: ebooklib
  Running install for ebooklib ... done
Successfully installed ebooklib-0.16
If you don't see the Scripts folder into your Python27 folder you need do install pip tool.
Just download the script into your Python27 folder and run it with python .
Let's test some default example:
The next step is to test a simple example:
from ebooklib import epub

book = epub.EpubBook()

# set metadata
book.set_title('Sample book')

book.add_author('Author Python')
book.add_author('catafest', file_as='', role='writer', uid='author')

# create chapter
c1 = epub.EpubHtml(title='Intro', file_name='chap_01.xhtml', lang='hr')
c1.content=u'Intro heading.Python is a interpreted high-level programming language ...'

# add chapter

# define Table Of Contents
book.toc = (epub.Link('chap_01.xhtml', 'Introduction', 'intro'),
(epub.Section('Simple book'),
(c1, ))

# add default NCX and Nav file

# define CSS style
style = 'BODY {color: white;}'
nav_css = epub.EpubItem(uid="style_nav", file_name="style/nav.css", media_type="text/css", content=style)

# add CSS file

# basic spine
book.spine = ['nav', c1]

# write to the file
epub.write_epub('test.epub', book, {})
You can update and make more good your epub book with HTML5 tags .
I used this example with headings and paragraph to change the text, see the result:

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