Thursday, May 20, 2010

Python with Django -part 1

Very simple and to install Django .
First we need to install "svn"
We can use on fedora or centos :

#yum install svn 
Package subversion-1.4.6-7.i386 already installed and latest version
Nothing to do

On Debian we can use this :

#apt-get install svn 

If is gentoo distro, then use :
wiki - subversion
Use this command :

$ svn co django 

We will test it with this command:

$ python -c 'from django import VERSION;print VERSION'
(1, 2, 1, 'alpha', 0)

Seam be ok .
More on next time.


Flaviu said...

You only need svn to get the latest development version.
Otherwise, you can download it here:

then run "sudo python install" in the unarchived django folder.

From there you can start creating projects in any folder on your system with: startproject your_project_name

Catalin Festila said...

True .
..and is more about django
like : "python syncdb"
I saw someone reported one bug, but is just not use correct steps to install django.
I will write on next blog about this ...
Thank you for your comment .

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